Studio Groupwork + Amin Taha renovated an apartment whose central knot is a #travertine #staircase with the shape of a #spiral

The central knot of the house, restored by Amin Taha + Groupwork in London, is the travertine staircase with the shape of a spiral and the crude underside, as if it had just been extracted from the quarry. The staircase is Italian travertine.

Architect: Amin Taha Architects + Groupwork Photography: Timothy Soar

How's this for a statement staircase? Were loving this work by Amin Taha Architects!

Randomly arranged steel rods have been placed on the railings of these stairs to both protect and act as a focal point in the home.

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A fascinating and creative design of a modern interior staircase. When designing modern interior homes, feel free to be creative with clean, straight lines that enhances aesthetic effects and focus points.

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New build detached house. The house is based in-between Blackheath and Lewisham. Self-build project by architects.

The Berwyn Mill, Welshpool

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