Because Who is Perfect?  Non posso non metterlo nella mia bacheca è bellissimo alla faccia dei pregiudizi di molti ..

You've never seen designs quite like this profound idea. It's guaranteed to open your mind to beauty and gratitude.

La surconsommation. La surconsommation désigne un niveau de consommation situé au-dessus de celui des besoins normaux ou d'une consommation moyenne.  Image provenant du film Samsara : Samsara est un mot tibétain qui signifie la roue de la vie, un concept à la fois intime et vaste, qui définit l'âme de chacun.

La surconsommation - a short film about mass consumption

Real homeless people tell their stories.  Don't judge a book by it's cover...most homeless people were very successful and are very smart.

Rethink Homelessness asked homeless people on the streets of Orlando, Florida, to write down a fact about themselves that other people wouldn’t know just by walking past them.

Rachel's last wish brought over 37,000 people clean water. Watch this video.

On July nine-year-old Rachel Beckwith was killed in a tragic car accident on highway near Seattle, Washington. After her death, thousands of people…


How the old guy ran for 544 miles. His name was Cliff Young and he wasn’t so much. He was 61 years old. He was a farmer.

Pin #3 "Why teach" Wow! Love this! I have never seen this before but this is great! Just to let you know, in case anyone is offended, he does us an obscene gesture and just one swear word. But he makes a great point!

OMG: Teacher Lays The Smack Down On People Who Think Teachers Have It Easy

"What Teachers Make" by Taylor Mali. A stand up routine that is part comedy, part slam poetry, entirely awesome.

Poem by Kate Makkai.   A question nearly every woman, every little girl has - will I be pretty?   I'm not opposed to pretty. I love makeup. I love clothing, and HUGELY GAUDY vintage earrings. But there is much more to me than my appearance, and I don't need to look "flawless". I'm flawed. It's cool.  I don't need products to "fix" my complexion. It's fine. I don't need my lips plumped, or my lines erased. My appearance is in no way indicative of my worth.  ~Ricrac ♥

This Woman's Beef With Prettiness Will Leave You Speechless

Katie Makkai, a veteran poetry slammer - defining the word "pretty". Katie Makkai answers a question she's had since she was very young in exactly the kind of way that slams into your gut and stays there.

RSA Shorts - How to find your element

How To Find Your Element [RSA Shorts] Finding. - How To Find Your Element [RSA Shorts] Finding one’s passion and true purpose in life is essential to human flourishing. In this new RSA Shorts video, Sir Ken Robinson argues that education,.

Inclusive Practices! Kerry Washington Delivers Wildly Powerful Speech At The GLAAD Media Awards

Must-Watch: Kerry Washington Delivers Wildly Powerful Speech At The GLAAD Media Awards

"Scandal" star Kerry Washington calls on marginalized groups to stand together in fiery speech at GLAAD Media Awards.

Women helping women ... best-for-women

Women helping women ... best-for-women

I'm Not A "Person With A Disability: I'm A Disabled Person" - Most people look at the word “disabled” and assume it means “less able.” It doesn’t. It means “prevented from functioning.” When I turn the wireless connection off on my computer, I get told that the connection has been “disabled”:

I'm Not A "Person With a Disability": I'm a Disabled Person

I'm Not A "Person With a Disability": I'm a Disabled Person (article about the social model vs. the medical model)

Seriously one of the best, and sweetest videos I have ever watched

Bullied Girl Voted Ugliest on Internet Does Something Amazing to Fight Back

Sealing Your Commitment To a Watch heart-will-grow - The custom of responding with a watch after having received the ring has been practiced since ancient times in countries like Mexico and Spain.

TEDxTriangleNC - Catherine Cadden - Direct Action in Love - YouTube

Catherine Cadden believes that children who have the opportunity to practice peace in the classroom will effect the change we need to create a peaceful socie.