Kacho fugetsu / Gigei no Tomo - Illustrations from Japanese design books mid 19th century, Meiji period, lithograph prints.

Gigei no Tomo [ 技藝乃友] Japanese culture are always inspired by nature. These are old Japanese design books mid century , Meiji period , lithograph prints.

Blue Robin on a Maple Branch Ohara Shōson (Koson) (Japan, 1877-1945) Japan, 1935 Prints; woodcuts Color woodblock print Image: 14 3/4 x 6 9/16 in. (37.47 x 16.67 cm); Sheet: 15 5/16 x 7 in. (38.90 x 17.78 cm) Gift of Chuck Bowdlear, Ph.D., and John Borozan, M.A. (M.2000.105.152) Japanese Art

Blue Robin On Maple - Ohara Shōson Koson, 1935 Japanese, 1877 1945 Colour Woodblock, 14 ¾ x 6 in.

Kunisada - Courtesan with Nanten Berries by Toshidama-Gallery, via Flickr

"Woman with Nanten Berries" Utagawa Kunisada/ Toyokuni III absolutley astounding Kakemon-e, japanese woodblock prints, ukiyo-e art