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Karpis Xianthippe (Queensguard, Bastion's Promise)

Armor that leaves room for their horns, some have form fitting armor for their horns if they're rich enough and it isn't complicated horns

Principalities of Aalban/Boldavia/New Averoigne (Glantri), Norwold (Oceansend), Vestland (''N'ern. Reaches'), Helskir (Isle of Dawn), Dungannon (Redstone Castle; Isle of Dawn), Karameikos ('Traladaran), or Darokin area(s)/region(s)  [Swordwoman]

f Fighter plate Sword wearepaladin: “ 绿刀侠 by HE XIAOSONG ” Some inspirational art for gaming.


( Open rp be him) *i stood there in fear as I saw his dark red eyes searching me, I heard stories about him from the village, he was called the vampire king that takes souls from the innocent.

D&D - Armored Ladies

Elven Knight by Un Lee “I really like plate armors. I often thought elves’ armors in fantasy settings are lacking protections here and there. This is my attempt at correcting that while still maintaining the curved, flowing, Elfy feelings.