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Want to learn more about writing or improve your skills? Here are 50 (count 'em!) totally free courses to relish, from commercial to fiction to journalism.
Do you have a passion for writing by aren’t confident in your own style? Maybe you have a fantastic idea in mind but aren’t sure to get it down properly? Luckily, there are many courses and resources available to fine tune our writing skills and share our stories with the world. The following list of courses have all been created by top Universities and are available to take online, at your own pace, completely for free!
writing a book

How to Start Writing a Book: A Peek Inside One Writer’s Process

5 Ways to Increase Your Story's Tension - Ink and Quills
How to improve your writing in just 10 minutes a day! Click through to learn how now.
Proofreading 101: The Ultimate List of Things to Edit For | Proofreading is a vital part of writing a blog post, and if you create your own list of things to edit for it can also be one of the easiest.

Proofreading 101 - The Ultimate List of Things to Edit For

Self-publishing 101: How to Self-Publish a Book or Ebook
The most beautiful words in the English language via iwastesomuchtime #Words #Beautiful

The most beautiful words in the English language.