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Wind chimes morphed into wind-chime art, installed by J. "Each chime was handmade using porcelain. I knew if we layered them and had them at different levels, it would present lots of texture," explains Ford.

la porcelaine de Sylvie Coquet

Métiers d'art : Innovation et savoir-faire du Limousin

Céramique Design  Moderne: mars 2010 - Céramique Moderne et Design Magazine

These modern ceramic light sculptures are one-of-a-kind. Well-suited to modern décor, they are made of translucent porcelain, reminiscent of scrolls of parchment or sheer drapery.


Lampe Like Paper / Aust & Amelung

Ceramic  Bells /  Bells / White / Porcelain / by Botanic2Ceramic, $22.00

Ceramic Bells / Bells / White / Porcelain / Ornaments / Set of 3

toni park - ceramic artist.

The bells chime when shaken.They are translucent.Finished with a simple loop of waxed cotton cord.Large - cm W x 5 cm HSmall - 2 cm W x 2 cm H


Though I adore my tiny city apartment, I dream of someday living in the country, with a beautifully sturdy bell at the end of a long driveway, so visitors can announce their arrival

bells, by Michele Quan

Garden Bells- Michelle Quan’s stoneware bells and tree garlands carry a meditative, weighty spirit within them.