the mighty

assemblage art - 'the mighty' Artist Mike Bennion - Shop : My Little Love Box

sois à moi

Artist: Mike Bennion ~ Love this! Found objects & curiosity cabinets/shelving are SO coOL!

Deposed Assemblage by *bugatha1 on deviantART

The little bird king must have been an unfair ruler. The people did not love him anymore and punished him.

assemblage in collage & mixed media

assemblage art - 'sacredoce' Artist Mike Bennion - Shop: My Little Love Box

Found Objects Assemblage Art Organized Nature di doreycardinale

Found Objects Assemblage Art Organized Nature Idea for rustic shadow box in dining room

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susarto "guarded" - for Archives Alchemy: The Art of the Dumpster Divers (Exhibition opens Jan. 2014 at the National Archives of Philadelphia)