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Nancy Reagan and Mr. T

Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr T's lap! The photo was taken in December of when Mr. T was invited to Washington to help the First Lady unveil the White House Christmas decorations. At the time Nancy Reagan was campaigning the just say no to drugs for kids.

Tatuaje en forma de liguero, 1930.

Flapper getting a tattooed garter belt. I knew women got tattooed eyeliner and cheek blush in the but to tattoo a garter belt? I suppose it looked sexy once the real garters came off in bed.

On June 5, 2004, Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States, died after having suffered from Alzheimer's disease for nearly a decade. Here Nancy Reagan says her last goodbyes to the president just before the interment.

Death and State Funeral of Ronald Reagan ~ Nancy Reagan says her last goodbye to the President. A true love story, and a heart breaking scene. Thank-you President Reagan.


I think every woman who is against feminism shouldn't vote. Because it is thanks to feminism women can vote today. At the time the photo was taken, feminists were called suffragettes.

Reagan Library & NARA Gov Doc: A Trickle-down Christmas ourpresidents: “  Nancy Reagan visits with Santa Claus, er, President Reagan, at a Christmas Eve party at the Wick residence in Washington, DC....

These 28 Historic Christmas Photos Will Take You On A Journey To The Past.Nancy Reagan sits on Santa Claus’s (President Reagan) lap at a Christmas eve party at the Wick residence in Washington, DC, Dec.

Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan sitting at husband Ronald Reagan's final resting…

Former first lady Nancy Reagan visits husband's grave on 8th anniversary of his death

(CNN) -- Former first lady Nancy Reagan marked the anniversary of President Ronald Reagan's death on Tuesday by laying a bouquet of flowers at her husband's California grave, The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation said.

American Gothic - Buscar con Google

Grant Wood’s American Gothic. The models are Grant Woods sister and dentist…. Wallpaper and background photos of Grant Wood’s American Gothic and the couple that posed for the painting for fans of Fine Art images.

teddy Roosevelt n’ John Muir  atop Glacier Point, Yosemite  circa 1906

Theodore Roosevelt, left, poses with the conservationist John Muir on Glacier Point in Yosemite, California. Roosevelt was the first president to extensively preserve national forests and parks.