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Pagani Zonda R

The performance of the Pagani Huayra is stunning. The car accelerates from km/h mph) in seconds and has a top speed of 383 km/h mph).

smart car + camper

Nice Smart 2017 - Smart Car & Camper Combined To Create Super Efficient RV

Aston Martin One 77

Oh man! This Aston Martin looks like a fighter sport cars cars sports cars vs lamborghini

Audi R8 Exclusive Selection Edition ($138,000-$170,000)   430 hp V8 and 525 hp V10 engines,

Luxury car brand Audi will create 2012 models exclusively for the U. The company announced today that 50 Audi vehicles will be produced, Twenty 2012 Exclusive Selection Edition vehicles and 30 2012 Exclusive Selection Edition

This KTM X-Bow has been referred to as the batmobile, but although it doesn’t have sh*t on the real deal, it is still incredibly cool. Check it out by hitting the image...

"Look, It's Batman" KTM X-Bow 'Batmobile' Rides The Streets

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Stunning Shayton Equilibrium Supercar

The Shayton Equilibrium Supercar is equipped with a engine paired with a sequential gearbox that pumps out an incredible horsepower! It will accelerate to 60 mph in only seconds with a top speed of about 250 mph! What's million for a sweet ride.

TVR Sagaris

Mad TVR Sagaris will it return? Despite having not built a new car since TVR appears to have been sold back into British hands by its Russian owner, with plans to build more exciting cars like the powered Sagaris in

Donkervoort D8 GTO

Eerste Donkervoorts D8 GTO losgelaten

Anderson Germany Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition

2012 Anderson Germany Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition Anderson Germany Lamborghini Gallardo White Edition Performance kit take.

Bowler Raptor

Eco Factor: Zero-emission off-road car powered by electricity. With their massive engines trying to eat up dirt, off-roaders are mainly associated with pollution and emissions. Car designer Ryan Skelley of Sunbeam Tiger fame has thrilled us again.