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Sober Sailing Alcohol and Nicotine Rehabilitation Treatment in Panama!

Foto de Vaumm arkitekturak.

K-class 'Rainbow' (William Starling Burgess, 1934 – photography: Morris Rosenfeld,

FIRST couple of times I was a guest but third and on I started to learn to be part of the team that operate the sails and such

can't get enough of this view, sailing downwind under spinnaker in sparkling afternoon light

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he saw from the side of a high hill a strange ship at anchor in the cove beneath. Now a ship might mean one thing or she might mean another; and a man's life might depend upon the difference.

wave over the bow

If you believe that waves, waterscapes, and waterfalls pretty well use up all the opportunities that water provides for picture-taking, think again. Here are seven more photography tips with water—remedies for the photo doldrums!