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by Cora L. Diekman Nothing compares to a bathtub with a seaside view, complete with fresh ocean breezes only steps from the sandy beach. Bonus - that rain shower is perfect for rinsing sand from your

21 bathtubs where we’d soak up the view (domino)

Para el patio

Not for the bath, but I like the way they make the gabion walls with corrugated metal sheeting behind

Leuke natuurlijke doucheplek  Also a good screen for a fence around hot tub.

I like the outdoors shower,,,, nothing like taking a shower bath outside. Used to let my kids & my grandkids take shower baths outside with the water and I took them also. It seems so refreshing outside the shower in the summer. I love the idea

There was a great big smile on mommy’s face when our 8-year-old and I unveiled the new off-grid fire heated hot tub we built her for Mother’s Day. To make it, we recycled a 110 gallon w…

There was a great big smile on mommy’s face when our and I unveiled the new off-grid fire heated hot tub we built her for Mother’s Day. To make it, we recycled a 110 gallon w…

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