1,650 tons... Largest "ancient" stone block discovered in Baalbek

🗿 - Ancient History - German Archaeological Institute has found an ancient stone quarry of Baalbek. It has found out the size and weight of an enormous stone block.

saudi arabia ancient sites

saudi arabia ancient sites An ancient archaeological site in Saudi Arabia. Photo - World Archaeology. This is strange - why would they do this?

Lost Ancient Technologies Of Peru And Bolivia

Aerial View of the imposing Incan fortress of Sacsayhuaman lying north of Cusco - Peru Do this while acclimating to the altitude before heading to Machu Picchu?

Any explanation, anyone knowledgeable?

Interesting, indeed! Figure of Goddess Hathor found in “Cueva de los Tayos”, Ecuador and the egyptian figure. Not a coincidence.

Les étranges Sarcophages des Chachapoya (2)

Les étranges Sarcophages des Chachapoyas


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