Carl and Ellie's Kiss by TheJinMu

"Carl & Ellie" from the movie "Up! (Some of the drawing's "sharpness" seem's to have been lost during scanning.) Carl and Ellie's Kiss

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trying to keep myself from going stir-crazy in these floods means i have been scary productive the last couple days. carl and ellie from up. still one of my favourite stories pixar has ever told.

Up! <3

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This is a sketch I did of the scene from Pixar's Up called "Married Life" when Ellie and Carl are painting their mailbox. I think they are the cutest Pixar couple so I thought I would sketch them.

Carl and ellie                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

EDIT Over 1000 views! Thank you, everyone I was watching "Up" over spring break a few months ago and felt the urge to draw this afterward. Young Carl and Ellie