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◌⑅●⋆☆⋆●⑅◌When the dark night passes, a bright morning will come.


I'm sometimes Namjoon, sometimes Jungkook, and sometimes Hoseok. I'm never Jin I HATEU BUGS

Why XD

V Jungkook Rap Monster <<< Can some one who doesn't know who Bangtan is please explain what's happening in this picture?lol I can't stop laughing

It's inescapable

I LITTERLLY can't find my way out its like maze the thing is tho I dint know if I want to find my way

Lmao Jungkook's face when namjoon said to avoid white tshirts

Can you SEE his closet? Literally Half of it is just white accurate subs tho XD - mens fitted short sleeve button down shirts, shop shirts, shop for shirts *ad