de creatieve uitspattingen van een jonge moeder : HaBa's Houses of Holland TUTORIAL NL/ENG

HaBa's Houses of Holland TUTORIAL NL/ENG - awesome DIY wooden wall art / folk art is much more interesting than an ordinary chair rail split wall treatment or wainscotting.

PB kids idea for Billy's room: build loftbed with "treehouse" instead of surf shack

Hängender Ast mit hängenden Teelichtern

Hanging lights on branches. Go natural with a fat branch and hang a combination of ornaments and candles attached with wire. Use twine or strong fishing wire to suspend the branch from above. You might want to try hangers so as not to damage your ceiling.

Wat een vrolijk gezicht! Leuk voor in de tuin.

These would be pretty for an outdoor wedding or just for your pretty patio! Repurpose tin cans; Make these lovely outdoor luminaries from Grow Creative

My kids love cardboard boxes...LOVE...and when they can be house too, its one fun day!

would be neat idea when studying communities. My kids love cardboard boxes.and when they can be house too, its one fun day!

IMA mobili » Bedrooms for Children

IMA mobili » Bedrooms for Children

This blog is awesome!  Build your own stuff, she spells out everything you need, all the cuts you need to make etc.  I'm not going to buy a bookshelf, I'M GOING TO BUILD ONE!

letter shelf for knick knacks - would be really cute to home-make a letter shelf with the kids' first name first letters :)

....tetra briks...

lantern 1 Milk boxes lanterns in packagings diy with Light - Idea for the lantern parade

I love how the shelves have become a playspace with just a couple of ladders added! Great Storage Ideas for Kids

Ikea, Storage Ideas for Kids


Werken & Bauen - DIY-Anleitungen


DIY How To Make A Cloud

DIY: How to make a cloud! Wish I had know this when Nadja asked for a cloud for Xmas, we only came up with a dry ice version. She still has a jar of "condensed" cloud though. The cloud can be suspended from ceiling with light behind