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Playful Cheetah Cubs, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania - Professional Photos

Playful Cheetah cubs, totally love the mohawk they sport as babies xD

@MeetAnimals Feb 6 Just helping my bro climb this tree. pic.twitter.com/nWasvplQIC

Give the Tush a Push! With a little help from a sibling . a cheetah tries to climb a tree. It is rare for cheetahs to climb trees. They can jump onto low hanging branches and fallen trees, but adult cheetahs are not good climbers.


we couldnt afford a home security system so we bought a black panther. "dont move" The Animal Charm ❤

baby white lions

Three white lion cubs first public appearance at the city zoo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cubs were born on Nov. According to zoo officials these are the first white lions to be born in South America.



Look at those big and soft paws!

Snow leopard \ Panthera uncia Solitary habitat the high mountains of Central Asia specifica.


"The embrace” by Stephan Brauchli is a wonderful photograph of a lioness mother and her cub.

'Hunting lessons from mom' A leopard teaching its cub how to hunt! pic.twitter.com/yDMfhizYZr

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