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"Bananas-in-bed" - Objects Come to Life With Photographer’s ‘Bent’ Sense of Humor Photo: Terry Border

Bent Objects - Objetos vivos utilizando outros objetos | Criatives | Blog Design, Inspirações, Tutoriais, Web Design

Bent Objects – Objetos vivos utilizando outros objetos

The cow really makes this picture, though I suspect the cow was photoshopped in (the internet has made me a cynic, what can I say?).  Regardless, it's awesome.

The best picture of a cow photobombing a horse stuck in a fence EVER . << the fact that there is a picture of a horse stuck in a fence is amusing in itself. The cow just makes it funnier.


Living With Hipstergirl And by jagodibuja - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Art or Rolling Stones?

Legendary contemporary American artist, Ron English, lends his expertise to the cover of Art Nouveau magazine’s summer issue entitled Super Pop.

<b>No todo es terrible.</b>

El deseo de esta persona que se vuelve realidad INMEDIATAMENTE:

32 Pictures That Will Change The Way You See The World - this WILL make you cry Yes this made the tears fall.

The Best of Halloween Costumes 2014: More Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas 2013

Funny pictures about Zombie finger. Oh, and cool pics about Zombie finger. Also, Zombie finger photos.