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i love the 80's music! Me and one of my bffs' are 80's geeks when it comes to music! thanks for bein one of those! @Bailee Miner

l Ioved music.especially the hair bands! The music was better then. I miss those times and still listen to the music. The best decade in music.

jelly shoes...practically lived in these!

I wouldn't wear Jelly Shoes today, but I used to have a pair in EVERY color! I wore them all the time; they were my favorite shoe.

20 80's Love Songs That Will Make Your Valentine Swoon

20 80's Love Songs That Will Make Your Valentine Swoon

nice legwarmers, ma'am <3

fashion - headbands and leg warmers. Leg warmers are not only keep warm for leg, they also become a part of Sportswear. I remember this period, many series of aerobic tranning video tape in which they worn leg warmer as the style of sport

Coleco Made the Arcade Games you could take home with you. I seriously have my Ms package man today.

Coleco Made the Arcade Games you could take home with you

Marketed as ‘The arcade games you can take home with you,’ the Coleco Mini-Arcade tabletop series were probably the coolest of the hand held video games of the

Or you just had a car that was old enough to need two keys.  I may be both though, who knows.  LOL!  I just remember having the two keys.  The round one for the door & the square one for the ignition.

Remember when you needed two keys for one car? One for the ignition, another for the doors and trunk! -- I still have a set of keys for my 1970 Nova (now gone to car heaven)

Sony walkman - 80's baby! So had one of these!!

Create Digital Music has a nice piece on the Walkman's Birthday. Pretty surprising actually, I don't think I became aware of the Walkman until or so. Peter Kirn makes a good point: "Sony o.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers..Shh...don't tell my kid, but I have a brand new box of these hidden in my desk...they're mine all mine!!

Scented markers -- Art class in elementary school and lime, lemon, orange, and grape scented markers. Yep, there's nothing like encouraging kids under twelve to inhale marker fumes by making them smell like fruit.

Shaker sweaters, mid 80s... several of these in my closet in a rainbow of colors

Shaker Sweater Knitting Patterns Patons Beehive Booklet 473 Vintage His n Hers Shaker Sweaters, 1986 19 pages Fall/Winter classics