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Bill, the pony…

PLEASE excuse the language! Horses of Middle Earth. And Bill the pony, for president of Middle Earth

Oh man. How I miss eating during the mission trip.

Meal Schedule for hobbits. Want this in my kitchen! I eat just like this except for supper and dinner.we have supper and a sneaky after the kids are in bed snack!

FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT || So this is the true meaning of that quote?! I thought it was something inspirational...

"Tolkien's quote 'Not all those who wander are lost' is about Sauron's evil servants being in Middle Earth!

Sorry for the few harsh words but FINALLY! Someone who defends Boromir!

Boromir was a stand up guy…

Funny pictures about Boromir was a stand up guy. Oh, and cool pics about Boromir was a stand up guy. Also, Boromir was a stand up guy.

Life in New Zealand

Life In New Zealand

New Zealand’s Issues With Orcs // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

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The Lord of the Rings fandom. i this fandom :)<<Yup. Especially the last picture of Martin Freeman---can't deal with it! Especially since the Hobbit comes out in December.

I Understand Gollum Now...

Middle-earth has no railings. Middle-earth NEEDS no railings.


Half-elven, Lord of Rivendell, was one of the mighty rulers of old who lived in Middle-earth from the First Age through the Third Age.

Aragorn is awesome

"Your face is a rare gift" oh my goodness XD It's kinda true though.



The Hobbit

Galadriel- her hair was so radiant that Feanor, maker of the Silmarils (three coolest jewels ever) asked for some of it! (He was refused.