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@1880 It was legal & used publicly

Cocaine was legal in the US until 1914 - would make a cheeky sugar jar :)

Fish Assholes (Manhattan Style)

I'm speechless. I didn't know this was such an important part of the fish. Imagine the guy on the assembly line, "Whatchyir job?" "Oh I cut off fish butt holes. And Manhattan style? Does it make fish assholes taste better?

Did you ever notice that we don’t have knees? Read more about the penguin colony in #CapeTown on our website.

The Penguins of Boulders Beach

Happy fact: Penguins mate for life and they "propose" with a pebble. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! That's why I love penguins-I hope to have my penguin soon.


Món quà từ sự vui tươi

“Red and Berry” Photo Series by Andre Villeneuve. Andre Villeneuve is Canada based photographer. Andre is an intuitive and spontaneous person, tries to con

hoe ziet het eruit?

A king penguin looks into the viewfinder of a camera in Antarctica by David C Schulz. I love penguins!