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we take our time and sometimes never open up-unless we trust you. #Pisces

Aka why we would rather make and have you be happy then ourselves. this is not bullshit it's true and the worst thing about it is we never stop wanting that for you even if it is the end. once you have a Pisces heart we are yours for life.

I feel like this is a bad thing oh well

I do this all the time, simply disappear and it takes me ages open up again. Slowly learning to choose better people to be around!

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People misjudge me all the time, but I've come to the point where I do find it a little amusing because they're often completely off in their assumptions.

Amen #piscesgirl

notice the littlest things that no one else would even consider relavent. I'm an open book to the people I LOVE & most asuredly, TRUST; but if I don't know you or trust you.I'm quite reserved and can appear uncaring. But, I'm just feeling things out.

I always said, don't talk to me when I'm upset.  I'll come out of it when I'm ready

I dont walk away because I am super upset. I just need alone time to sort out my thoughts and calm down :-)