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The 2 sides of scourge

Fun fact: Scrouge is Firestars brother.<<<< sorry to correct u but it is Scourge not scrouge.

Scourges Phenomenon (Warriors AMV) - maycie1 (Original got removed)

Scourge is the main cat is this song. I am sorry but I don't know what song this is. I don't even know if this is even a song! If you know the title, please tell me!

Scourge X Ashfur by ShootingStar2552.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

XD This is awesome pair. (thought it's not real one ^^" ) Art By meCharas from WarriorCats Scourge X Ashfur

Lol I love how scourge(leader of the blood clan) is smaller than his deputy(bone)!!!!!!!

Scourge and Bone. Scourge is the small black cat and Bone is the black and white. Guess which one leads the infamous BloodClan.

You know, that prophecy goes through that whole book series. But after my second time hearing it I was so irritated. Cause you hear it none stop in the first series! But this is a great drawing to go with the prophecy!!

An actual warriors scene! This is Spottedleaf receiving the Prophecy of Fire. A scene from the very first book, Into the Wild, on the second . The Beginning

Part 4

Next page of my fancomic "A Warrior's Betrayal" So this is the real style of the comic, I hope you like it. it's the same as my normal Warrior's fan-art. Page Page Story based on the War.

Hollyleaf, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. SPOILER ALERT: Hollyleaf is not one of the three. P.S. I warned you.

Jayfeather (the gray one in the middle) is my FAVIORITE character. Black cat is Hollyleaf and orange is Lionblaze. They are from warriors series.

Scourge doesn't like the dog teeth on his collar because they make breathing hard

Scourge from Spottedhooves' Warrior Cats-Scourge-Angel of Darkness video