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Valentines Day Homemade Dessert Recipe * Mini chocolate heart cakes with raspberry cream and chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream Mini Hearts Inside

I love this cake but hate that she doesn't explain how to make the hearts. Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Buttercream Mini Hearts Inside

heart Cake. You can do any shape like this! Valentines surprise bread. i have a pumpkin one at the bottom

Delicious Peek-A-Boo Pound Cake For Any Occasion - I saw this adorable recipe for Peek-a-Boo Pound Cake that absolutely stole my heart. The secret to this pound cake is that nobody knows that there are hearts in the cake until it is sliced.

just fantastic!

Chocolate Birthday Cake recipe from - Filled with mascarpone coffee cream and covered in chocolate ganache, it's pure indulgence and the perfect birthday cake

Chocolate Raspberry Brownies Recipe ~ Chocolate brownies layered with cream, raspberry jam and topped with semisweet chocolate. These decadent bars are the best of all worlds with a thin cream cheese layer and delicious raspberry jam.

Chocolate Raspberry Brownies by Caramel Moments & 5 Other Chocolate Brownies Recipes RP by Splashtablet the & suctin mount Case - on now!

The fact that this photo is dominated by chocolate ganache makes this whipped cream-stuffed cake roll even more appealing. Get the recipe from Oh Sweet Day.

10 Cake Roll Recipes That Will Forever Change the Way You Layer

Chocolate Swiss Roll with Chocolate Ganache. Silky cream filling wrapped inside that intense yet pillowy chocolate sheet cake!

Chocolate Mouuse Cake with Chocolate Ganache. Note - Make only one layer of cake and top with mousse and ganache. #Chocolate #Desserts #MousseCake #Cake

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Chocolate Mouuse Cake with Chocolate Ganache. Note - Make only one layer of cake and top with mousse and ganache. #Chocolate #Desserts #MousseCake #Cake

Fudgy Brownie Hearts With Raspberries Cream! #Valentines

Fudgy Brownie Hearts with Fresh Raspberry Buttercream

Marbled Chocolate Heart Cups with Grand Marnier whipped cream, strawberries & chocolate curls #valentinesday

Marbled chocolate heart cups can be filled with mousse, ice cream, lemon curd or pudding. What a yummy Valentines day dessert

Raspberry Mousse Pie

Raspberry Mousse Pie - Creamy, airy mousse is pretty in pink and perfect for Mothers Day, but you can rely on it all season long. The dessert takes just 30 minutes to put together (and 2 hours to chill), and is absolutely foolproof.

Raspberry mocha dark chocolate ganache

Desserts for Breakfast: Valentine's Chocolate Overload: Raspberry mocha dark chocolates - No raspberry jam in these beauties . instead a raspberry reduction. Couple this with a strong mocha dark chocolate ganache and oh my!

Torte di compleanno in cioccolato plastico - Con il cioccolato plastico si possono realizzare torte di compleanno sorprendenti, come questa.

Chocolate and Fruit Birthday Cake - For my chocoholic husband's Bday. Chocolate truffle torte with chocolate buttercream, covered in chocolate plastic and decorated with fresh fruit. Inspired by Mich Turner. Molding the chocolate plastic was so much fun!

Raspberries + caramel + chocolate = perfect cake

Chocolate Cake Chocolate Hazelnut Tart with Chocolate Mousse Mousse in a Chocolate Cup Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake The Best Chocolate Mo.

Best Desserts | Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Layer Cake ~ 14 Outrageous Raspberry Desserts #Valentine's Day #Mother's Day #party

used a boxed mix for the actual cake. The flavor of the raspberry/ganache filling, raspberry buttercream and chocolate glaze were delicious and loved by all! Definitely making all of it again and doing the ganache+raspberry filling for many more cakes!