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New Zealand's Issues With Orcs

New Zealand’s Issues With Orcs

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Lord of the Rings, i love when Gimili laughs at the fact that Legolas made a joke this relationship!

Lord of the rings - Billy Boyd is a unique guy, I am blessed to have met him... Dom's an idiot

merry and pippin. 'ti a rt idiot. dom means stupid in dutch. merry and pippin DEW! 'ti a rt idiot dom means stupid in dutch

Everybody<<<<yeaaaah rock your body BACKSTREET BOYS!!! sorry I couldn´t help myself hahahahahaha

the Hobbit cast. And for some reason, they used pictures of Legolas and Tauriel instead of Orlando Bloom and Evangeline Lilly.

Every time.>>>I was in orchestra the other day and the violins played this really high off pitch note and I looked at my friend, who also loves LotR, and we said "nazgul!!" Together and just started laughing <<< reppining for that


THIS IS SO TRUE once last year I was shopping at target and someones cart thing was screeching and I was like NAZGUL! But I didn't yell it I whisper-yelled it and I gave myself a pat on the back bc im just so fucking funny.

Half of the things I've heard about Viggo Mortensen from the set of LOTR gives him 300 Respect-o-points!

Part two, for all you Tolkien fans!

Behind-the-scene facts you may or may not have known about The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. And THAT was the most expensive coffee spree in the history of the world!

Wow! A decade really shows here! EGHeck

Sean Astin : "So, this is my daughter Ali, who played Eleanor in The Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King. Christine & I loved taking her to the Hobbit Premiere to visit with old friends. I don't feel old, just proud.and old :) " I love Sean Astin!

My mom found this first time she watched. Now EVERY time we watch it, she finds a way to pause right here.

Do you recognize this screaming face? It's Bilbo Baggins from the Lord of the Rings movie. In The Fellowship of the Ring, when Bilbo sees the ring, he suddenly


anna on

LOTR and The Hobbit parallels --- OMG that last frame! Where was it in the movies? [I think the last frame is from the extended edition of one of the movies]

lord of the rings funny | Am i the only one who did a little head bob on the last line?????

Lord of the rings funny stuff

Summary of Lord of the Rings: Legolas looks awesome. Aragorn looks awesome in his own very special way

Sam defiantly does not get enough credit- but to be honest, he doesn't need it. We already know how great he is.

Frodo would have been screwed without Sam.but more importantly, I think Sam is the real hero of the story. Frodo had to carry the ring, but Sam carried Frodo.<--Samwise IS the real hero of the story according to Tolkien.

Sparkling Edward

Sparkling Edward

Usually I don't like it when they give Twilight such a hard time but this is amusing. I can hear it in Gandalf's voice. From the movies for Star Wars, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Harry Potter Series, and Twilight Saga "Listen boys…"

But then there’s Elijah Wood…

But then there’s Elijah Wood…

Funny pictures about But then there's Elijah Wood. Oh, and cool pics about But then there's Elijah Wood. Also, But then there's Elijah Wood.