but when I do.. I burst out and I just wanna run away and think.

"I don't cry easily." - Well I do cry over fictional characters, but I rarely cry over my own stuff.

Low Battery

This is beyond true.  I can help any of my friends with whatever they're dealing with and then I go home and cry myself to sleep(sometimes)

So true! I'm the person who always has a smile, a big hug, and kind words for everyone, but I can't make myself feel better.

&i hate when people have bad moods for no reason. even worse because then I will ignore them...

I talk too much, and when it gets to a point where people stop listening I start feeling insecure. I'm also afraid of rejection, and when people ignore me…I feel like I'm being rejected. all my life:,(

and that's who I am. I dont wear make-up and im not beatiful but i dont think make up could fix my uglyness

and that's who I am. And to be honest, I don't think anyone needs makeup to be beautiful. I rarely wear makeup and I get really nice compliments.


trininadz: liberalsarecool: Are we really surprised a party that caters to rich, racist assholes is favoring a rich, racist asshole?

Oh man this is like that motorcycle. Oh I would be so guilty. Oh man. Ooh man.

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