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Meerkats Posing by Chi Liu, They are amazing family oriented animals. They did a great show on TV about meerkats.


funnywildlife: Pile on mom! A meerkat holds her cubs at the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna on August Four meerkats were born in the zoo on August by Heinz-peter Bader / Reuters

I always feel like somebody's watching me...

Compare the meerkat: Family of four snapped huddling together for warmth

Baby Meerkats at West Midland Safari Park

We saw baby meerkats at Melbourne Zoo today so just had to search for some. Infant Meerkats at West Midland Safari Park.

Meerkat=cute. Baby meerkat=ubercute. Just LOOOOOOK AT IT!!!!!!

Baby Meerkat

"Baby meerkats are the cute, fluffy kittens of the African Savanna.

Baby Meerkat

A second shot of this baby meerkat from a closer and slightly different angle.