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my strategy for buying wine is to find the bottle i like the best. these win. // you have a cute face.

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

Wine labels for Mihaly Figula’s 7 Hektar, designed by Hungary based Kissmiklos.

7 Hektar Wine

Wine labels for Mihaly Figula’s 7 Hektar, designed by Hungary based Kissmiklos.

The label shows the 14 most "popular" scary scenarios satisfying any taste: from rather predictable natural disasters to those absolutely fantastic. Despite that the humanity has been discussing the end of the world for millennia, we plan to celebrate this "last" New Year's Eve to the fullest, following our own unforgettable scenario. Happy New Last Year to you as well... and if you know where I can get a bottle of this... let me know.

STUDIOIN's 2012 Apocalypse Wine

There seems to be a number of wines with skulls on them. Are they trying to send a message?

2007 Skulls - Label by Hungarian graphic designer, poster artist and film director Istvan Orosz. Another killer label from now-defunct winery R Wines.

Mistral Atelier Luxury Foam Bath, Clementine

Mistral Clementine Atelier Luxury Bubble Bath soap label, bottle and packaging design