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Frogfish are a variety of anglerfish that make up the family Antennariidae and can be found in tropical and subtropical waters.  Ph. by Paul Rudder

rhamphotheca: “ mad-as-a-marine-biologist: Baby Frogfish (family Antennariidae), Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia (photo by Paul Rudder) ”

"The world’s strongest creature is none other than a humble dung beetle—a male Onthophagus taurus has been measured pulling a weight 1,141 times that of its own body. ... To what end does the dung beetle use his super strength? As most males given superpowers probably would—to get girls."

The Top 10 Animal Superpowers

The Dung Beetle or Scarab Beetle (Scarabaeus) pushing dung ball with their hind legs

The octopuses of the genus Grimpoteuthis are sometimes nicknamed "Dumbo octopuses" from the ear-like fins protruding from the top of their ".

That's a serious Karate move! Bruce Lee & Jackie Chan don't have nothin' on this kid!

Kungfu frog by shikhei goh. Shouldn't the "Kung Fu Fighting" song be playing for this guy?

The Magical World of Aquascaping/Living Terrariums (WITH PICTURES!), page 1

This last pinner ---> "Aquariums.I am a huge fan of wasting money, power, time and water. Great way to relax.

I present to you, the peacock spider…

I present to you, the peacock spider…

Frighteningly Beautiful Shots of Australian Peacock Spider by Jurgen Otto

Frog fish stands still

PHOTOS: Swimming With Sharks In Cocos Island

Some people's greatest fear is to find themselves in the water with a shark.