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Missing teeth may look funny, but they're nothing to laugh at. If you do have missing teeth, consult your dentist to help you decide which dental treatment is best for you

If it is difficult to hold a toothbrush, try an electric one that will do some of the work for you!                                     #SmileOasis.com

A helping hand. If limited dexterity makes it difficult to brush your teeth, try an electric toothbrush, it can make effective brushing much easier.

Overuse of mouthwash can cause sensitive teeth.                   #SmileOasis.com

Love keeping your breath minty fresh? If you grab frequent swigs of mouthwash throughout the day, you may be setting yourself up for sensitive teeth. That's because some mouthwashes contain acids that may make already-sensitive teeth worse

Big Smile Dental Chicago

Big Smile Dental Chicago

Dental Care after Teeth Whitening treatment

Dental Care after Teeth Whitening treatment

What is Cerec, and why choose it? Dr. Chelsea Perry www.edcwestboro.com

CEREC is a method of restoring damaged teeth that uses advanced technology. This solution offers more natural looking results and can be used for crowns, inlays, and onlays. Learn more about CEREC and its benefits in this infographic.

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No Hidden Costs, No sales gimmicks and No strings attached GUARANTEED!

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It's so hard to keep a balance of family and work time. Working full days makes me tired and then when I get home I don't feel like putting effort towards family. It's a hard balance but is very important.

April 7th - World Health Day                            #SmileOasis.com

Global Healthcare (Global Health Care) is exchange of healthcare business including product, services, resources, information and experience between various countries (or geographies) around the globe.