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Bzzy is a simple, fast, text-message autoreply app for Android. It tells your friends that you’re busy; that you’re driving, eating, flying - or anything else.

Landing Page

After dribbblin this I received a few emails asking to share something similar if I have. This is the Landing page I did for the social project I was working on.

Set 04 MP-route

Set 04 MP-route

It consists of twelve screens in total, this is the fourth and last set - check attachment for full pixels .

Thing for a secret iPad thing by Dan Sensecall

Thing for a secret iPad thing

White border around photo is pretty.

Profile Page on iPad

Dribbble - iPad App Design \\ Manager Dashboard by Yura Yarokhovich

iPad App Design \\ Manager Dashboard

Continuing shots' series of the application for the construction and insurance industry. This is a dashboard for construction sales managers.

User interface inspiration

User interface inspiration

Surfing Australia app // Really nice graphics, but I'm not sure about the widespread use of white. I think a sandy beige would have been a better choice.