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John Gannam(1907-1965)   —  (1030x862)

1950 Beer Belongs series print ad Amateur Magician by John Gannam mid century furniture living room decor

Happy Housewife

Este guia de 1950 dá 18 dicas para mulheres serem “boas esposas”. A última é um insulto!

Taking a look back at the past, it’s always interesting to see how our grandparents and great grandparents used to live. Sometimes you learn that some things never really change, but other times you find something that shines a stark light on just how dif

Американский художник и иллюстратор Alexander Sharpe Ross (25 работ)

Galería de obras del pintor Alexander Sharpe Ross - Gallery of works of the painter Alexander Sharpe Ross

"THE WEDDING MORNING" by John Henry Frederick Bacon

Tema da Pintura: Cenas de um casamento…

The wedding morning 1892 - John Henry Frederick Bacon – Wedding of Nicholas II and Grand Princess Alexandra Fyodorovna .

Soloillustratori: Dorothy Scott Handsaker

1957 x Lithograph Poster including border) © Providence Lithograph Co. A Blessing Beginner Teaching Pictures Part 8 Artist: