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The first one is my fave XD "Hipsters fear us....and all is good in the world." <<< Yeah and the Sherlockians are most than isane XP. I really love my fandom ! And all of the fandom ;).

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The first one is my fave XD "Hipsters fear us." <<< Yeah and the Sherlockians are most than insane XP. I really love my fandom ! And all of the fandom ;

Sherlock is always ruining John's dates... or is he? <---- I think I would be more worried about the mouse than John's date.

Sherlock ruining John's date. And seriously someone call RSPCA Sherlock needs to stop abusing a small mouse.GROSS mouse In the blender! ( "Would anyone care for a mouse milkshake it's on special") would seriously be the next text!

Seb had never actually BEEN on the show, though... How do we even know what he looks like (beyond an ACD description)?

Sooo 3 at Johns chest?Like his heart? 3 at Sherlocks head?Like his Brain?Anyone get what post I mean :)<<<noooooooo feeeeeeelss

And now mother is looking at me funnily for shouting "NYAAFWOOP" in the middle of our living room for no apparent reason.


And now mother is looking at me funnily for shouting "NYAAFWOOP" in the middle of our living room for no apparent reason.>>>>>>Wait I thought our theme song was Carry on my wayward son

Haha so true..!!!

I'm thinking of watching Sherlock and Supernatural. She watches both, she started doctor who.

superwholock I like this except that Dean is actually taller than Sherlock...

Oh my god! where do I pin this? My Sherlock board or my Supernatural board? Make a crossover board and pin it there? Ok double pinning it is :) ----I don't even have a supernatural board just couldn't erase that caption.

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The funny thing is Mary said this to john in the empty hearse. John-"I don't shave for Sherlock Holmes" Mary-" you Gould put that on a t-shirt" coincidence or a catch phrase Mary first heard somewhere else?

William Hartnell Patrick Troughton Jon Pertwee Tom Baker Peter Davison Colin Baker Sylvester McCoy Paul McGann John Hurt Christopher Eccelston David Tennant Matt Smith Peter Capaldi Rowan Atikinson

Doctor Who in Cartoon Style. Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean played the doctor for comic relief, although he was only the doctor for 20 minutes I'm glad he got a mention


Sherlock: Season Episode Study in Pink"If you have to look along the shaft of an arrow from the wrong end, if a man has you entirely at his mercy, then hope like hell that man is an evil man." —Sherlock + "Men at Arms" by Terry Pratchett.

Martin Freeman- Most see him as Bilbo Baggins, I my friends am lucky enough to see him as both Bilbo and our beloved John Watson. <3

Lol his face lol ( you see Sherlock its not a weast of time the queen reads it hum) lol haha haha

Aww Sherlock. You weren't the only one crying. We all were. I cannot watch that scene without crying. <-- I WILL CRY ALL THE TEARS ENOUGH TO WATER A ROSE, FLOOD TWO PONDS, AND A RIVER!!!

Actually Sherlock crying on the roof wasn't scripted, Benedict couldn't help but cry because of Martin's performance<-------awwww thanks, I totally needed another reason to sob my heart out at this scene😢

A Not-So Friendly Reminder About The Empty Hearse.

"that wasn't a friendly reminder" <-- agreed. <-- ditto<-- I've noticed any thing that starts off with friendly reminder and had a a picture of a fandom I'm in isn't friendly at all.