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10 X BEST COFFEE SPOTS (Petite Passport)

In this post I’ve told you to visit Holborn during your next trip to London because it’s told to be the next Hoxton. And you know it once the coffee bars open the doors and start attracting the hipsters. Last year I wrote about Shoreditch.

Projeto pessoal desenvolvido para fins de estudo, uma união de duas paixões, café e cerveja.

Coffee Shop Design Ideas - The plan is coffee-inspired. Brief and easy design is required while developing a logo. There's some amazing design out the.

Coffee: the beginning of a Roux transformation... Wood, exposed brick, mixed metal accents

Coffee: the beginning of a Roux transformation. Wood, exposed brick, mixed metal accents :hearts: debuting for Masters 2016

{Task} Jupiter set up a more personal meeting, trading a traditional meeting room for one like a cafe. There were soft sofas, and a table filled with pastries and coffee for those hungry. The brunette was ready for this and knocked on Nina's door, "Hey Nina! You ready?"

5 Ways to Meet New People

Guirlanda lighting

TWO HANDS NEW YORK (Petite Passport)

One of my favorite places in New York is Two Hands. Located almost next to this amazing street art piece of Tristan Eaton in Little Italy you will find this cafe with a laidback atmosphere.

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