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Chrono Trigger-Lucca by LenLenbell.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Chrono Trigger-Lucca by LenLenbell

Chrono Trigger- Schala and Janus by ~MatiasSoto on deviantART

I've kinda away these days because I'm really busy working and also my pc kinda died last week. Here are some other characters from Chrono Tri. Chrono Trigger- Schala and Janus

Terra Arm and Wondershot by robotnicc.deviantart.com on @deviantART

This is my long overdue Chrono Trigger fanart. Terra Arm and Wondershot

Chrono Trigger fan art in an anime style

Artist Gives Video Game Characters A Cartoony Facelift

Chrono Trigger RO Sprites by *Lysa on deviantART

Edit: Recently, someone accused me of ripping and editing RO sprites when making this.

'Frog' - Chrono Trigger by ~Driddle on deviantART

another view of my frog model.

another of my favourites video game& character. I did a sketch some time ago, 1 year ago , maybe. check the sketch: sketch: pencil color: photoshop inspired in the famous video game and h.