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Lucid Dream: I always levitate or fly in my lucid dreams. I was in a building and flew down and around the corridors. I tried the light switch but it didn't work, so a dream character helped me turn on the lights. Then the dream was no longer dark, and was flooded with color and light.

Strikingly Surreal Landscapes

Since the first camera, photographers have been turning the lens on themselves. Alicia Savage’s Imagined series features surreal self portraits that explore her own emotions. Surreal Self Portraits: A.


Flak Photo: Ian Van Coller, Zanele Ndlovu (from his wonderful series of South African domestic workers)

Making eye contact: The Mennonites arrived in Bolivia during the fifties, coming from Canada, Mexico or Belize, where their lifestyle was being threatened. This modern Mennonite is one of the few who had the courage to look Cirera in the lens

Rare snaps of Mennonites who shun photography and electricity

Margarita Teichroeb by Jordi Ruiz Cirera. Copyright: Jordi Ruiz Cirera - saw this at the LCC and already loved it there!

Taylor Wessing Portraits Prize 2015 – Fubiz Media

Taylor Wessing Portraits Prize 2015

Since the National Portrait Gallery of London organizes each year the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize (formerly called Schweppes Photographic P

50 Back to School Photography Tips and Ideas

50 Back to School Photography Tips and Ideas