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Merlin by EnchantedWhispersArt

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Merlin and Arthur by William O'Conner. One of the most evocative paintings I'd seen in a while when it showed up on the cover of Kobold Quarterly. It's especially poignant at Christmas.

One of the most fascinating figures in the Welsh mythology and the Arthurian legend is Merlin, the great wizard, prophet and adviser to several kings. 'Merlin and Arthur' by Willian O’Connor. You don't see many paintings of this part of the story.

Master Merlin My favorite portrait of Merlin...

ASCENDED MASTER MERLIN ~ A Personal Introduction When Merlin reintroduced himself to me over a period of time, I was infused with so much love in my heart that

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Merlin is a legendary figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian…

Leaena by Gerry Arthur

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merlin the wizard | Merlin-Wizard (13) Merlin also had his beginning in Celtic mythology as the Wild Man of the Woods.

The mighty Merlin, my Personal favorite magician, completely Omnipotent, omniscience, and omnipresent

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20 Best Examples Of Digital Gothic Art: Halloween Inspiration 2012

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"The wise old Wizard of The Lost Age. He has many names, but most know him simply as Grandfather..."

"The wise old Wizard of The Lost Age. He has many names, but most know him simply as Grandfather.