My favorite color is. I want my truck to have a dash like this! This Out Y'all, A "Mossy Oak ~ Break-Up Infinity", Camo Interior!

This is great! I've always lived in small town and I don't think I could ever move to a city

31 Things Only People From A Small Town Will Understand

When people in a big city complain about anything, it sounds insane to you. I wouldn't even complain bout that truck I'd be proud of it

big and beast  ford better than chevy eney day

Make this with your kids!

SERIOUSLY!!!!! thanks to whoever got it right!!!

Honda Ridgeline - it's not a truck! It's an SUV with a birth defect.

*This was my dream truck for the longest time* Sweet Chevy iridescent dark blue color lifted chevy truck oversize tires

This is what I'm talkin bout..duramax and a 4-wheeler

Brand new Chevy with a lift kit. Awesome blacked out Chevy SILVERADO and a 4 Wheeler in Back- can't beat that!

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