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This totally happened in "Tarzan" when the gunshot didn't go off, Great improv by Tarzan himself

We had to make the names switched. For example, Lou=Louise. Also, the princess meeting the princess ended with them becoming BFFS.

No joke this always happens to me.  I'm always missing a costume piece or trying to remember a cue @.@

The last show I acted in closed in June. The last performance I worked for the traveling show I assistant stage manage was in September.

priceless lol

Thespian Peacock{This also happens during practices and auditions} I can't even tell you how accurate this is

PROJECT!!!!!!! Can't stress this enough!

It's even funnier when they are an actor and are quiet off stage but man can they project t on stage.

Life of every theatre geek

Ive done a show with like four boys in it and almost all the characters were male. One girl had to wear a fake beard

how many nights sneaking back into the YFAC...

Ooh, this might be a fun team building exercise! :D I might just have to try this for team building or for trying to recruit high schoolers to become theatre majors at my school

Can I just point out that this is the truest tri=uth I have ever laid eyes on? #ThespianProblems

“This actually happened to me last night 😭😭 Not only because it's a beautiful and touching song, but also because it brings back so many memories from when…”

This is me...

This was brought up while a friend and I were discussing opera with our theatre geek choir director. submitted by GingerPrideAndThingsThatShine

And that person was my college roommate. She had the soundtracks in Japanese and French as well.

Or the teacher makes a reference without knowing it, and you look for a friend that gets the reference too, and then remember that you don't HAVE friends in that class...

I just found out what musical the Theatre company I perform with is doing next year. I could audition for any part perfectly, and it's not even tech week for the show we're currently doing.