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Tatsuyuki Tanaka

Digik Gallery - Artbook - Tatsuyuki Tanaka - Cannabis Works - Image ID 24676

Walter Pichler

Walter Pichler TV Helmet (Portable Living Room), 1967 T he work of the Austrian artist and architect Walter Pichler is not well known, d.

Cannabis Works - Tatsuyuki Tanaka Art Book

Cannabis Works - Tatsuyuki Tanaka Art Book

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The Future is Now! Stealth Op Being IR proff can be useful against the military who think they're te owners of the world. just in case.

"I always found armor to be an odd concept, seeing as the cybernetic frame under my skin was stronger than anything they covered me with. But I suppose they didn't want their 'toy' being damaged during the prototype phase." Six.

ArtStation - __, Petr Morozoff- This isn't from Deviant art it's Petr Morozoff who is a concept artist, but his stuff is pretty amazing so.