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Boris the Spider

Boris the Spider Bracelet ~ Easily substitute any other 'insect' or shape for the spider!

DIY: Beaded Wrap Bracelet

DIY: Beaded Wrap Bracelet (Crème de la Craft)

Here is a diy jewelry tutorial on how to make a leather wrap bracelet. Using your own leather cord and beads, take about half an hour for a festival beaded leather wrap bracelet!

Repurpose old mens ties into a bracelet. Embellish with bling

"Paisley Green Necktie Cuff Bracelet" by Ascot Handbags - men's tie, Swarovski rhinestones, aluminum, vinyl.

Ribbon bracelets.. DIY. Love these!!  Good ideas at http://pinterest.com/evl00/home-made-jewelry/

DIY (Or, I might make a bunch of these, and incorporate the hair bow into one of them. It'd be cute if they were all primary colors, and the red-and-white hair bow was on a yellow ribbon!