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15. She’s your life guru Your big sis gives the most insightful advice because, as someone who has your same blood, she actually cares about what happens to you.

20 Reasons Why Your Big Sister Is The Greatest Gift Your Parents Gave You

A Little Corner Of My Mind

Sweet giggly girls Reminds me of all the fun times with my best friend that is like a sister to me

love the mama


because one or the other crawls in bed every morning. It would be nice to have a picture of the moment to remember, when they don't anymore.

Sisters are best friends

Calyssa and Carys- Praya's twin sisters. Calyssa has teal eyes. Carys has lime green. Sharing the colors of their older sister (Praya's) two different color eyes.

so cute- reminds me of what my future is going to look like: )

Would love to capture a moment like this. But there's zero chance of C just falling asleep on my bed like that haha. Maybe I'll sneak baby into her bed.

The protector.

Annabell is like a second mom to her brother. She is with him helping in the homework and checking that he is not getting into trouble. That is another big reason why Annabell does not go away, her brother is still too young.

Family ❤

Cute if we don't kiss the baby's face off until it's disfigured like this couple is doing