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Set of two ninja dagger fridge magnets with a neat 'embedded' effect: http://www.walletburn.com/Ninja-Knife-Fridge-Magnets_689.html #kitchen #giftideas

Ninja-Knife-Fridge-Magnets • Walletburn: Product Discovery

Ninja Knife Magnets - If you have something very important to tell someone in your house or office, it’s best to get to the point. Keep it short and sweet then hang it on the fridge or whiteboard with a long Ninja Knife Magnet made of ABS plastic.

Fork, 2015 James Stoklund www.jamesstoklund.com via @fubiz  for #form

Utensils Design by James Stoklund

Flexible Fork by James Stoklund Stoklund's curved fork has a flat surface and features eight long prongs that bend when pressure is added to pick up food from a normal plate.



Giraffe Cup by Raúl Lázaro - Raúl Lázaro’s Giraffe Cup is proof that a small change in an otherwise classic design can go a loooong way to spark the imagination. Read more at http://www.yankodesign.com/2013/12/09/vertical-challenge-accepted/#JSy2uQO6oSh8PE2D.99

Giraffe is the name of this adorable ceramiccup that stands on 3 tall legs, handmade by Madrid-based artist Raúl Lázaro.

Corian bowls by Nathan Freeman freeman_1203_013.jpg 6,096×4,558 pixels

The Hatchery - Design Island 2012 ceramics design inspiration photography pottery organic shapes

pictofactum | Ring "Purismus" mit schwarzem Keramikstein - Gold

Ring "Purismus" mit schwarzem Keramikstein - Gold

pictofactum | Ring "Purismus" mit schwarzem Keramikstein - Gold