Realm of dragons Everything is sourced — dailydragons: Smaug by Collette J Ellis (website.

'Dragon Lamp', available at 'Nemesis Now'. Created/designed by *dashinvaine on deviantART. http://www.nemesisfigures.co.uk/index.htm

The good people at Nemesis Now sent me some photos of the dragon lamp they have made from my design, which I think is impressive. Dragon Lamp, Nemesis Now

i want!

Wouldn't this wake you up on a Sunday drive? Dragon, metal art, found on a back road country drive somewhere between Sutton and Beaverton, Ontario, Canada. By Canadian sculptor Ken Nice.

2004 gencon dragon. I wish the artist would come back. It was awesome to see the progress day by day

I wish the artist would come back. It was awesome to see the progress day by day

Grand River Wyvern by RavendarkCreations on DeviantArt

Large Scale One of a Kind Dragon Sculpture by RavendarkCreations AMAZING! (I saw this in person at Artprize!

ist er nicht hübsch?

Conjose 2002 Dragon tall long cm tall, 488 cm long), clay on steel and aluminum armature, 2002 Sculpted at Worldcon, San Jose CA This sculpture won the coveted Chesley award in 2003 — Link no longer functions.


How Did This Giant Dragon Skull Land on a British Beach?

This giant dragon skull was left on a beach in the UK to promote "Game of Thrones." It was left to look like it washed up on the shore. What makes it even better, is that it is on the Jurassic coast in Dorset, a place famous for its dinosaur fossils.

white dragon

White Dragon Art made of light white clay by Ellen Jewett (Etsy shop Creatures from El) of Guelph, ON creaturesfromel AWESOME!