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Steampunk Spider

*( ͡ ͡° ͜ ͡ ͡° )* Mechanical Spider Sculpture No 4 Recycled Watch Parts Clockwork Arachnid Figurine Stems Lightbulb Arthropod A Mechanical Mind Halloween.

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Some of you might remember this little short I posted a few months back called It's an alternate history WWII sci-fi presentation I did that wi

These are literally the gods from Theros in Magic: The Gathering. Like it’s the card art and everything. I’m looking for an Erebos to go in my commander deck and I recently got a Keranos in my Grixis commander deck.

Fantasy gods (someone correct me if I'm wrong). Good bit of inspiration here- and I'm keen to discuss ideas with folks at any time if you want to comment below :D Edit: Gods from the "Theros" block of Magic the Gathering