No matter where you trail winds, no matter the terrain, Nature Bridges' top-down construction method makes what seems impossible - possible.

Nature Bridges is a leading timber bridge company specializing in boardwalk construction and pedestrian bridges.

Buro Sant en Co landschapsarchitectuur - Houttuinen

Sant en Co (Project) - Park Hoge Weide - PhotoID - architectenweb.

Stepping-stones, Heian Jingu, Kyoto, photo by Soemmia.  I love this Japanese pond garden! So peaceful.  I can't wait to go back!

Stepping Stone Paths: 5 Tips to Make Them Perfect

“Naka Shin-en (Middle Garden), constructed in contains a Soryu-ike pond featuring the Garyu-kyo, a walkway consisting of stone pillars which were once foundation stones for the girders of the Sanjo Ohashi and Gojo Ohashi bridges in Kyoto