Jacques Fath, 1952. Photo: Georges Saad.

Pretty shades of silver and gray in this two-piece with pleated skirt and fitted jacket with organza scarf by Jacques Fath, photo by Georges Saad, 1952

Maria Reachi, photo by Georges Dambier, Yugoslavia, ELLE, August 1, 1955

Maria Reachi Yugoslavia, ELLE, 1955

Editions de La Martinière has just published Sabine Weiss, L’œil Multiple, it is the official catalogue of the retrospective exhibition that opens this weekend at the Jeu de Paume at the Château de Tours.

1958 Svetlana in the famous _Trapeze Line_ dress from Yves Saint Laurent's first collection for Dior, photo by Sabine Weiss, Paris


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Born in the Wrong Era

Madeline Balcar modeling teen-age fashions, a short-sleeved sweater and black corduroy skirt. Date taken: 1949 Photographer: Nina Leen

David Bailey - 1960's English photographer

Henry Clarke Vogue 1955 Anne St Marie Wearing a seal skin slip cover cape by Pierre Balmain Photo Henry Clarke Photo Henry Clarke Vogue 1955

Свадьба в гангстерском стиле

Свадьба в гангстерском стиле

suicideblonde:    Esther Haase

fashion city lady paris newspaper french old fashioned old fashion 1920 paris france franch french woman qui est cette fille

Dior’s French cafe attire, 1954

A woman shows off Dior's idea of French cafe attire in matching jacket and checked gaiters worn over patent pumps. {love the jacket!