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Particles of Dark Matter by Jang Yong Sun

the-star-stuff: “ Particles of Dark Matter A number of striking sculptures from the first solo exhibition of Korean artist Jang Yong Sun entitled Particles of Dark Matter. Sun welds thousands of steel.

Awesome beautifully delicate ceramics by Valerie Nascimiento..http://www.valerianascimento.com/..http://www.thejealouscurator.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/valeria.jpg

valeria nascimento (The Jealous Curator)

artwork_images_153321_575738_hiroyuki-doi.jpg (397×480)

View Untitled HD by Hiroyuki Doi on artnet. Browse more artworks Hiroyuki Doi from RiccoMaresca.

artist: Karen Margolis. Her inspiration comes a Japanese word meaning circle, and a concept related to Zen.

These paper works are by artist Karen Margolis. Her inspiration comes from the Ensō (円相) – a Japanese word meaning circle, and a concept related to layers of abaca paper, holes made with soldering iron)

great idea on what to do with your tax return papers...or any kind of paper you have no use for...

Nava Lubelski turns tax returns and rejection letters into organic paper sculptures sculpture recycling paper inspiration

View: http://pinterest.com/pin/486811040942214582/ Fachada Pixelada. Panel metálico perforado y solapado en distintas direcciones. SAIT Parkade / Bing Thom Architects

SAIT Parkade / Bing Thom Architects

Image 7 of 14 from gallery of SAIT Parkade / Bing Thom Architects. Photograph by Nic Lehoux (Courtesy of Bing Thom Architects)

Planetary nebula ESO 456-67 as seen by the Hubble Space Telescope. The nebula is the product of a dying Sun-like star flinging its shells of dust and gas into space. ESO 456-67 lies in the constellation of Sagittarius (The Archer), in the southern sky. ESA/Hubble & NASA. Acknowledgement: J.-C. Lambry

Hubble Observes Glowing, Fiery Shells of Gas It may look like something from "The Lord of the Rings," but this fiery swirl is actually a planetary nebula known as ESO Set against a backdrop of bright stars, the rust-colored object lies in the co