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Graciela Rodo Boulanger was born in 1935 in La Paz, Bolivia, and grew up in Oruro, a city 200 kilometers south of La Paz that has for ye.

Wallpaper...By Artist Unknown...

“A Goddess religion should be out in the open, not underground as it is right now. A Goddess religion would cause men to look at women differently. Walker, Restoring the Goddess: Equal Rites for Modern Women

Robertson Art Gallery

Artwork of Ronald West exhibited at Robertson Art Gallery. Original art of more than 60 top South African Artists - Since

Artodyssey: Otar Imerlishvili - Отар Имерлишвили

Imerlishvili, Otar Politicians 2009 Oil on Canvas 80 x 50 cm x

Wan Marsh

art journal - expression through abstraction

Tarsila do Amaral  (Brazilian, 1886 -1973) - Blue Hat, 1922

Tarsila do Amaral (Brazilian, 1886 -1973) - Blue Hat, 1922