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I want a chow chow lion bear dog!

Great Pyrenees - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

I want a giant fluffy dog like this one day.another polar bear dog canidate

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a Husky that stays tiny, so you can keep him in a small place" THIS IS NOT EVEN LOGICAL. How would a tiny pomeranian breed with a giant husky? This is just a husky or malamute puppy.

Roar from Bubbles the Pomeranian (a Friendly Mini-Lion)

Roar from Bubbles the Pomeranian (a Friendly Mini-Lion) - bad hair day

Mini chow - oh my goodness

I want a chow chow puppy so bad.

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best image ideas about japanese akita inu - dogs that look like wolves

Jiff pom

Jiff the Cutest World Famous Pomeranian Dog Out

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Best photo ever.


An English bulldog puppy i want one so bad now, just look at that rolly polly face of cuteness

There are several other photos of another Capybara on this board.. her name is Cheesecake, and she resides at the Rocky Ridge Refuge (you can check them out on Pinterest)  She became well known when photos and a video of her hanging out with some puppies went viral.  She's auntie Cheesecake.  She watches the different litters of pups while their mom takes a break.  She's also friends with all the other animals... including Crouton the tortoise and Bazinga the dwarf horse. :-)

The Internet needs more capybaras…giant guinea pig - I want one!


chow chow puppy's fur dyed to make him look like a panda bear. so cute! apparently dying your dogs fur to make them look like other wild animals is a big thing in China. as long as the dye doesn't hurt the dog, i think its pretty neat!

Quiero uno, ya!!!

Here doggy, doggy, doggy…

Caucasian Ovcharka, a Russian mountain dog used for hunting small bears


16 Adorable Dogs Whose BFFs Are Stuffed Animals

Chow Chow puppy is a little less "teddy bear" more "lion".

Biggest Dogs You have Ever Seen

That’s a Big Dog! A man holds up his Tibetan mastiff as they perform on stage during a dog beauty contest at an exhibition center in China on March About Tibetan mastiffs participated in the exhibition. - A nice, apartment-sized dog,

Tibetan Mastiff #HappyAlert via @Ashley Walters Walters Walters Yoon Hippo Billy

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Tibetan Mastiff - Most Expensive Dog Breeds InThe World.

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Dogs at work - Funny dogs working on laptops -- Chow Chow dogs.