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Wowowowowowow bruh I threw up at orlando << I ate a churro there once << I saw a kid throw up by the churro stand.<<<<<I saw a kid watching another kid throw up by a churro stand


I actually had my period start at the same time I had appendicitis and my appendix almost ruptured

Hey, I have a 17 year old boy in the backseat of my cop car

Make the dad die at the end of the story. Make it so tragic the reader's heart crumbles and then falls out. tho it would be a cool one

That's exactly what it is.

My mom does this same thing! She once started talking to me about a mini Jessica Simpson that she liked to put in her pocket. I just kept talking to her, it was hilarious!<<<< Wow XD these sound like great conversations

When you know yourself too well  lololol

this is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I generally write phrases as my passwords too tho.

Nice, it's always good to have goals and aspirations even for your death<<< great. We're all bloody inspired

Ashes compressed into gemstone jewel sword avenge I will not die unless I am killed I can assure you

Most of our dress coded are stupid. But this is my same reaction.

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We would always make fun of this dress code rule at my school like, "Dat shoulder though." Walsh Welch Schoenfeld W did y'all have a dress code for co-op?